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Tim Rooney


Let’s Laugh About Death is a new dramedy podcast that celebrates life while contemplating the inevitable.

Host Tim Rooney discusses a topic that we all face....death. But, with a twist. What happens when we die? Let’s discuss.

Do you know anyone close to you who died? Did you come close yourself? What did you see? What did it feel like? What do you remember?

This podcast is designed to maybe make death a little more easily dealt with. It happens to us all. Why not discuss what happens when this ride is over.

Personally, I think we move to another plane of existence. What is that plane? Where is that plane? And more interesting yet, WHEN?

Let's Laugh about Death tackles all of that, from spiritualism to metaphysical possibilities. Religion to quantum level contemplations.

Anyone and everyone is welcome. Let’s discuss.

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(Coming July 2019!!!!)